Steven Gordon, LCSW*R

Private and confidential psychotherapy, in Commack, Long Island. ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **


I provide private and confidential psychotherapy in Commack, Long Island.

I use play and talk therapy techniques with children, and teens.

I utilize analytical techniques with adults and families.

Free expression and the facilitation of verbalizing all thoughts and feelings is encouraged.

Psychotherapy offers you the chance to be yourself, without censorship, in an environment that promotes understanding.

I only ask for you to come in and feel comfortable enough to say everything.
(click here to learn about modern psychoanalysis), Then, let's form a trusting, and stable bond, over time.

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As a client, your strengths, as well as your struggles, will be respected, and your desire for growth will be paramount.

Steven Gordon is:
  • Empathic
  • Genuine
  • Versatile
''Once we become aware of our unconscious, we can then choose to view, think about, and better evaluate our feelings, values and life experiences. It is through the conscious that we make our decisions as healthy adults:
we weigh our feelings, past experiences, expectations, desires and values; we examine alternatives
and their possible consequences, and then we decide on the best course of action in resolving an issue or in accomplishing a goal. Therefore, the goal of psychoanalysis is to help the patient to become aware of his unconscious so he can make conscious (and hopefully healthy) choices, in spite of past life experiences.''

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